Destinations that are able to respond and recover quickly from a crises are those that have clearly defined risk management plans and allocated roles and communications structures.
This Guide provides useful information for tourism operators and managers on best-practice processes to develop a risk management strategy for a destination or a business and how to implement the strategy and to maintain its effectiveness over time.
Three half-day training programs and all of the necessary supporting material, provide both a general overview to risk management in tourism and specific directions on the development of risk management strategies for destinations and businesses. The South Australian Country Fire Service has developed a hierarchy of places that can offer relative safety from bushfire.

The Bachelor of Emergency Management aims to develop a practical as well as theoretical base for those people who have responsibilities in the field of Emergency Risk Management. The Tourism Tropical North Queensland Tourism Crises Management Plan provides a best practice example of a successful risk management plan. Climate change will directly impact on Australian tourism and on the economic benefits that tourism generates through the loss or degradation of tourist attractions, the costs of adaptation, and replacement costs for capital infrastructure. While each destination is unique and will face different challenges and issues, there are common areas of risk management which must be addressed by all destinations.

One of the landmark reports by the APEC International Centre for Sustainable Tourism in collaboration with the Sustainable Tourism Cooperative Research Centre (STCRC), produced a comprehensive risk management guide for managing crises in tourism. A major report developed by the STCRC, The Impacts of Climate Change on Australian Tourism Destinations; Developing Adaptation and Response Strategies, provides case studies of several Australian tourism destinations, describing the potential impacts of climate change on the destination and highlighting actions to reduce these impacts over time.

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