This kit includes tools, first aid kit, lighting, jumper cables, gloves, compressor tire pump, reflective triangle and more. Be ready for any automotive emergency by keeping an auto emergency kit handy in your vehicle. This kit should contain useful tools and devices that could help you in case of accidents and emergency situations. Ask - returning depressors with each other to type a youngster-size stabilizer to avoid for many hours. Good notion to store your kit in your a rough service knife with any immediate aftershocks. A recent article about a man that was found alive after snow buried him in his car for two months made me wonder how prepared the average driver is for accidents that leave them stranded. Two more good reasons to consider a collision repair career are that you can get grant money to help with the education costs and you have many more education options and career paths than you may realize. As discussed in a prior article, I believe this is one of the KPI’s a shop should track for its own business.
The new testing system makes it more difficult for vehicles to earn a high star rating and therefore encourages car makers to continue making incremental changes to improve safety. In addition, studies show that fewer crash forces are tolerated by people with smaller body size. Considering that the star safety rating is a large contributing factor in purchasing decisions, especially for women, consumers should be aware of exactly what the rating means.
Perhaps as trusted industry experts, collision repair shops should inform customers what they should store in their car in case of an emergency and why. Over the past year we’ve been trying to answer this question for completely self-serving reasons. The payoff is worth it though- not only is it safer for the environment and your employees, many of the green initiatives will save you money in the long-run.
To illustrate, Angel investors (early stage investors) look for a potential return of 30:1 at exit before they will invest money. Shops will have to compete even more for decreasing ROs by gaining competitive advantages and increasing its efficiencies even further.
That way, when disaster strikes and there's no time to think, you won't have to.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Click for full-size, printable PDF of PM's ultimate survival checklist.

Not only does it increase brand awareness for your business even more, it adds personality to your business and shows that you are interested and involved in what is happening to the industry that affects you directly. A car emergency kit is a must-have for anyone who drives- especially during the winter months.
This could include antiseptic, bandages, and medicines that are useful not only during accidents but also for emergency situations.
The ER™ Deluxe Roadside and Severe Weather Kit is an emergency kit containing a compressive set of emergency vehicle tools and severe weather supplies in case you have a vehicle emergency on the road in the heart of winter.
If your car had the majority of the items listed, you would be prepared not only to survive the conditions, but also have the tools to help get found.
Some reports are stating that these developments are going to be in vehicles by next year but others are stating that for this technology (especially the car-to-car communication) will only reach its full potential once the majority of cars have it, and that could take another 30 years. The ultimate goal for this of course is to improve the safety of vehicles and reduce collisions. For those repairers who are not willing to make the effort to focus on performance to improve profitability or to meet insurance partners’ targets, it is a lot easier to discount price. Outlined below are three disaster kits--one for your home, one for your car and one in a backpack for quick evacuations.
If a dead-battery, mechanical problem, or flat tire occur when you are driving, a car emergency kit will help you manage the problem until help arrives. Most of these essential items are available in the automotive section of our Lawn & Garden Department. Please take a minute to tell us how we are doing with a quick online form, and see feedback from other customers. He has researched and reviewed 100s of cars, and writes extensively about car technologies. Use the included items such as the jumper cables and toolset to get your car back on the road quickly and safely. Now is the time to begin looking for ways to clean up shop operations and investing in tools that help you do it. Whether it takes one year or 30 years, the overall effect for collision repairers will be the same: reduced business. Well, if you’re considering a career in the collision repair industry, whether as a body or paint tradesperson or another part of the industry, below are 5 good reasons to have confidence in that choice.

You will be especially be thankful you are prepared for a car emergency if it occurs in a more a remote area or during inclement weather.
MEDICAL INFORMATION- In envelope with LARGE LETTERS "medical information" put in things that the EMERGENCY ROOM doctor will want to know. When I first came to work for AutoHouse Technologies, I was unsure of how I was going to communicate with people in the collision repair industry through e-Marketing. The shop class teacher could be heard from down the hall, screaming at students for any reason.
Contributing ideas and opinions through Twitter feeds, discussion and comment forums, direct messages, etc., are so important.
These can be used for rain suit by cutting hole in corners and center of top of bag for arms and head. Lately I’ve been having more conversations with repairers about productivity because some believe they have made gigantic leaps forward in making their businesses more productive. I figured that people in this industry would be busy getting their hands dirty by fixing cars rather than being inside on their computer. A lot of shops and people from the industry have joined these sites, and built their profiles for the sole purpose of getting their names out there.
HOSE- 6' length of garden hose or SIPHON KIT from Auto Supply Store to siphon gasoline into approved container to add gasoline to empty tank. You can search using the name of your loved one, or any family name for current or past services entrusted to our firm.
CONTAINERS- give thought to the containers used in your own SURVIVAL kit, consider a small "pack or knapsack" to hold some items, that you can put selected items in if you have to abandon the vehicle. Relief agencies recommend that homeowners keep three days' worth of food and water as well as a kit of medical supplies and other essentials in the house at all times. If you decide to implement it, be forewarned, it will require discipline and may not stick on the first attempt.

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