The Government has turned down a request for a ?100m emergency loan from Redcar steel plant, leaving it on the brink of insolvency.
PHOTO: Some farmers and ranchers in Arizona and other drought-ravaged western states are eligible for emergency government loans linked to the USDA declaring 256 counties as natural disaster areas.
NEW YORK Chrysler LLC on Friday received an initial $4 billion emergency loan from the U.S.
Of that total, GM has been promised another $9.4 billion in government loans under that program in addition to the $4 billion payment made on Wednesday.
100m from of Emergency loan from in Redcar steel plant, Leaving The it on the brink of insolvency.

PHOTO: Some farmers and ranchers in Nevada and other drought-ravaged Western states are eligible for emergency government loans, after the USDA declared disaster area status in 256 counties.
Sahaviri Steel Industries, the of Thai the company up behind the to Historic Works is business understood the to have is approached the In Government for a bridging loan last week and Offered to make 500 the Job cuts is in the return for using immediate the Financial the Support.
As well as defaulting on a series of bank loans, it has been claimed that suppliers and creditors have not been paid, and staff only received a third of their wages last month.
Sources in has is revealed that the Company About enterprise explained to the In Government that at its the Financial situation had the become so of precarious that without a cash lifeline it may be the forced into administration. Treasury Department spokeswoman Brookly McLaughlin confirmed that the government had sent the $4 billion in funds to Chrysler on Friday.General Motors Corp received $4 billion in emergency loans on Wednesday.

He who complained to about the high the business rates and an ENERGY costs, and urged to apply the In Government to do more to Help Available the planter.

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