Maryland Emergency Management Agency officials say they are in constant contact with the national hurricane center as well as the National Weather Service members serving the Maryland area.Maryland is taking steps to activate resources and mobilize in case Hurricane Joaquin becomes a more direct threat to the state. State emergency managers warned residents to prepare for flooding, with heavy rain not associated with Joaquin forecast for Friday and more rain over the weekend possible as the hurricane lurches up the coast. TALLAHASSEE (CBSMiami) – Florida Governor Rick Scott gave his second update of the day Friday afternoon on what the state is doing to prepare  for Tropical Storm Erika and what residents should be doing. Earlier in the day, Scott declared a state of emergency for the entire state in preparation for Tropical Storm Erika.

The declaration has a number of effects, such as triggering arrangements in which Florida can seek assistance from other states and the federal government.
The governor says the added rain from Joaquin could result in deadly flooding for a state that is nearly entirely under flood watches. Larry Hogan Declares A State Of Emergency For Maryland Due to the impending Hurricane Joaquin, the governor declares a state of emergency. The governor says the falling rain and storm-pushed tides have caused water to collect on Outer Banks roads with nowhere to do.

Pat McCrory is declaring an emergency for all of North Carolina as rain and wind from Hurricane Joaquin threatens to hit the state following days of soaking rain for much of the state.

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