To avoid the kind of delays that plagued the state after Hurricane Gustav, officials asked residents to speed delivery of disaster food aid by applying now for the extra food stamps issued after storms hit. People wait in line for CAMBA's Beyond Hunger Emergency Food Pantry on February 18, 2014 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Ordinarily, when conservative policymakers complain about “fraud” and “cheating” in federal programs intended to help poor people eat food, they’re referring to individuals accused of abusing the system unfairly. Republican leaders are threatening to take congressional action to stop state governors from flouting the food stamp cuts contained in the 2014 farm bill. But those who initially supported the food stamp cuts are warning that retaliatory actions may be coming. Remember, the “cheating” and “fraud” is in reference to state officials trying to help low-income residents access food.

Bernard and Plaquemines qualified for food assistance, many faced waits of a week or more before food-stamp cards were activated. It's hard to understand why the state's Department of Children and Family Services can't get the emergency food aid process right.
Because of the overwhelming crush of people who have swamped disaster food stamp sites since last week, the U.S.
They'll still need to visit the food-stamp site but only to show IDs and verify that their information hasn't changed, spokesman Trey Williams said. But once again the state is bumbling the emergency food stamp distribution, just as it did after Hurricane Gustav in 2008.
Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), who helped write the relevant legislation, wants a full congressional investigation and new measures intended to guarantee food-stamp cuts.

Susan Poag,The Times-PicayuneHundreds of people line up outside of the Alario Center in Westwego for Hurricane Isaac disaster food stamp benefits on September 5. As NAP begins to give disaster food stamps to qualified Saipan residents, the administration announced yesterday that there will be no more food to be distributed to the shelters.

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