If you ever find yourself in a post-nuclear holocaust environment and come across people eating beef stroganoff, odds are they'll be Glenn Beck fans.
You may have heard about Beck's relationship with Goldline International, which urges people to buy gold and stay safe from the supposed inevitable devaluing of the dollar. While your neighbors are struggling to find food, you will be dining on lasagna, beef stroganoff, and a variety of other delicious entrees.
The Food Insurance website also features a video of Beck talking about how this is a "crazy" world.

Late Update: Reader CW writes in to inform us that Beck isn't the only Fox News employee promoting Food Insurance.
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Now meet Food Insurance, which sells survival kits of freeze-dried food and other items to help people live from two weeks to 12 months, depending on the plan purchased (and post-apocalyptic conditions).
What's more, this food will retain its nutritional value and freshness for up to ten years.

Beck has promoted the company's products, is featured prominently on the company's website, and a banner ad for the company, bearing Beck's image, was spotted on his website Monday. And, according Beck, those "delicious" freeze-dried meals are good enough for him to eat now.

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