The idea for an emergency contact card struck me as I was writing my post about making the most of your contacts.
One thing that I have been working on is creating a kids emergency contact card for my daughters to have on our trip and in their school backpacks. I am happy to make this Emergency Contact Card available to all of you as a free printable! The Ontario Mass Evacuation Plan is a supporting plan to the Provincial Emergency Response Plan (PERP). This plan supports the agreement between the Governments of Ontario and Canada (through the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) to provide emergency response support to First Nation communities in the province. An EMO planning team in consultation with non-governmental organizations, provincial and federal partners developed the plan. Potential threats to the communities and emergency responders are critical in determining the urgency of the evacuation and for planning resource mobilization. When planning for the return of evacuees, the number and location of host communities, and the distance to evacuated communities are key planning considerations.
OIC ministries routinely monitor conditions in the province according to their assigned type of emergency. Uncertainty in real-time threat assessment is unavoidable, which is why persons with appropriate knowledge of the threat causing the emergency should be involved in the assessment.
During emergencies, the PEOC links with the local community and the OIC ministry acting as provincial lead to coordinate real-time threat assessment information. Alerting other emergency responders in the province, including non-governmental organizations, that they may be requested to provide assistance. Information technology in the far north is not universally accessible and may be further compromised by the nature of the emergency. The PEOC should begin contingency planning with partners for longer-term evacuations if it appears likely that evacuees will be displaced from their community for longer than the period discussed below. If the evacuation is for one or a few communities, planning may be restricted to movements within the same general geographic area.
If an authorized entity decides on a partial or complete community evacuation, the community should declare an emergency. In widespread evacuations, emergency information may need to be coordinated amongst all involved partners. Emergency planners should assess proposed facilities based on location, capabilities, capacity, accessibility, and resources, as well as how they would route evacuee traffic.
Every single family or individual's kit and tertiary means of intervention, you are providng your self.
We would like to thank CNN for reaching out and providing an interview with Melinda Gates at the London Summit on Family Planning with Christiane Amanpour.
The Wednesday, July 12th edition of CNN International’s Amanpour featured an interview with Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Jane Otai, senior community advisor of the Kenya Urban Reproductive from the London Summit on Family Planning about why family planning education is so important for women and families in developing countries.
LUCIA AKINYI (through translator): He wanted all these kids so he can name them after the mother, other family members, who knows who else.
In order to improve family planning services around the world and increase its access by an additional 120 million women in developing countries, these countries must first commit to making a wide range of improvements in their current family planning agendas.
At the London Summit on Family Planning this week we heard from a wide range of developing countries that are making new, actionable commitments to increase family planning services and commodities in their countries.

Indonesia will include family planning in its universal health insurance program beginning in 2014. The Philippines believes, like all these countries, that family planning and contraceptives is a fundamental right. This week we are in London covering the London Summit on Family Planning that will take place tomorrow morning through early evening. Join the United Nations Foundation, Universal Access Project, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, DFID and more on July 11th for a London Summit on Family Planning Twitter chat. The availability, duration, type, and location of host community facilities affect planning for the evacuation. OIC ministries are responsible for assessing the threat for the types of emergencies they have been assigned. Emergency managers must understand the makeup of the population who are to be evacuated before they can make key decisions about transportation modes, route selections, hosting destinations, and the many other elements of an evacuation. Emergency information is primarily the community’s responsibility, but may be supplemented by the province according to the provisions of the Provincial Emergency Information Plan.
Transportation planning for the evacuation will be undertaken by a joint planning team as described in Annex 7. Communities considering acting as a host community during an evacuation should identify emergency shelter facilities. This plan does not replace a community’s own emergency response plans, which should contain provisions for evacuations if they consider evacuations likely. Therefore, planning should include post-hosting needs, such as financial reconciliation, demobilization support, and reports on issues to be resolved before hosting evacuees in the future.
The Standards provide guidance on allowable expenditures, hosting arrangements, health services, emergency social services, etc.
Many times when they get to the health facilities, the health facilities do not have the method of family planning that they would like to have. We are going to start talking to men and having men champion, so that men can talk to their fellow men about family planning, because we realize that men don’t listen to women.
And what that leads to is self-sustainability, where the family can plan, feed the children, educate them and it ultimately lifts up a community and a region. Zambia will also reach out to religious leaders to help spread the word about family planning. They will also increase financing for family planning and highlight its upcoming global youth forum. They aim to break down misconceptions meaning they have committed to launching a country-wide mass communication campaign to educate its people about family planning. The Philippines will spend $50 million for the purchase of family planning commodities for an estimated 800,000 poor women in its country. Save the Children is imploring parents to make sure their children have an emergency contact card with not only information for local family, but also family who live out of town. In addition, I have also included a list of contacts to be notified when an emergency arises. Medevac is used for those individuals receiving home care or residing in a health-care facility in the evacuating community that qualify for medical transfer as per the Ambulance Act (evacuation by emergency medical services (EMS) or Ornge).
Planning for hosting evacuees builds on information already available (typically from the manifest).

However, the evacuation of multiple communities due to an area-wide emergency is likely to require out-of-area movements for hosting, particularly when the goal is to keep families and communities together. This plan supports the activities being undertaken related to mass evacuation planning for ministry and community emergency management programs. What we need to do is put the access in women’s hands, give women options, let them decide how they want to plan their families. But when we use males, men who are champions in family planning, they can be able then to support their spouses, to be able to control the number of children that they can have. And when I go out and travel the past decade for the foundation, I see these beautiful lives, but I see families struggling.
Family planning commodity costs will be increased by 100% from existing donors and partnerships. Sierra Leone will dramatically improve family planning supply chain efforts and create mobile outreach clinics. Having vital information in an emergency can be the difference between a close call and a mistake made.
Emergency information needs to be coordinated among the affected communities, province, and federal government. In addition, up-to-date contact lists should be maintained by all organizations for use in an emergency.
Details on the set-up and operation of the shelter should be provided in the community’s emergency response plan. She may choose to naturally space her family, or she may choose a modern contraceptive method.
The Twitter chat will occur simultaneously with the conference in London, and allow those not in London to participate in the event. Being able to call family who are not affected by a storm is important to connect children back to families. Following the judgement of the authorized entity that it is safe for evacuees to return, the order of return and the methods of transportation must be established using an inclusive planning process that involves affected communities, provincial and federal partners, and other partners (i.e.
We are going to develop messages for men that are going to get them to be convinced that family planning is beneficial to them, even as men in these communities. The more advance planning you do for disasters, the fewer decisions you have to make under the pressure of a real emergency.
In addition, this plan references the Service Level Evacuation Standards1 developed by the Joint Emergency Management Steering (JEMS) Committee. Emergency responders may require personal protective equipment, as responder safety will be critical. With her passion for keeping families organized, she strives to inspire you to use your own gifts to grow, love and serve. With her passion for keeping families organized, be inspired to use your gifts to grow, love and serve others.

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