Eltaf NajafizadaThe toll is more than double that of the worst natural disaster recorded in Afghanistan in May 1991 when floods killed 728 people, according to the international emergency disaster database of the Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters. As MySQL gains widespread adoption and moves more broadly into the enterprise, ZRM for MySQL addresses the growing need among database administrators to protect their digital assets with a comprehensive backup and recovery solution. The Zmanda Disaster Recovery Solution for MySQL provides robust and cost-effective disaster recovery capabilities for your critical MySQL databases.

The disaster comes as the nation prepares for its first democratic transfer of power since the US ousted the Taliban in 2001.
By deploying the Disaster Recovery (DR) Option for MySQL you can avoid the cost and complexity of replicating each individual MySQL database. You backup all your critical databases to the ZRM server already; the DR Option replicates all your backup archives, backup catalog and configuration to the remote server.

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