The emergency call list is a document that contains a long list of those numbers on which you can get help in case of emergencies. Make a list of different kinds of emergencies that you can think can take place in your area. Write all the numbers under their categories like list all the emergency police numbers under the heading of police emergency numbers and so on. The emergency call list is important to have in every public places like parks, bus stops, public call booths, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels, in institutions, in hospitals, offices and even in homes. It is also possible that the person calling to the emergency control cell is new to the area. This Users features in Junxure allows you to create and manage employee information and user IDs.
Note for Junxure 9: In a Domain environment, only members of the JXAdmin group will have rights to create or delete users.
In the right screen, the Users List appears, displaying your Junxure users by ID, name, and basic information.
Note: Users in an Active Directory domain environment will see a Map AD Usernames icon above the Users List.
Employee First Name and Last Name: Enter the employee's name in these fields and use the Initials field to enter the employee's initials.
Show on Advisor Drop Down and Active check boxes control dropdown menus throughout the program for assigning actions, designating ownership of contacts, etc. Hrly Billing Rate: Automatically adds the hourly rate for this individual when actions are assigned to them. Text Message #- Use this field to enter the telephone number to receive text messages for this user.

Win Username - Click the Manage Windows Username button at the top and Junxure will enter the current computer name and User login name for that computer. In this section, you may designate which groups this employee belongs to, enabling you to send out group messages, setup security and apply other tools to multiple employees at once. In this section, the Junxure Notificationscheckbox designates the user as a contact point for Junxure updates.
Save or move the scanned signature file into your Junxure folder for easy access then launch Junxure.
To Edit a user, double click the user's name from the user List to the right of the screen. Choose a Signature Type from the drop down menu - Informal (often a first name only), Formal (full name) and Formal with Title.
User passwords ensure employees log on with the correct user ID, which can help you manage work flow and evaluate employee productivity. Turning on Junxure Notifications designates a user as a contact point for any update to Junxure. List all the government and private emergency numbers that are local to you or your region, as in some countries each state or province has their own emergency call numbers.
In most countries, emergency call number is a single number for the entire country and the people of that country are directed to use that number for all kinds of emergencies. For example list headings like emergency police numbers, hospital numbers, air ambulance services, fire brigade, child help, woman help, suicide prevention, poison control, environmental damage etc. However, there are also some countries who have a long list of numbers for calling in an emergency that is usually difficult to remember and therefore people are recommended to make an emergency call list in order to ask for help in time.
You will need to contact your cellular phone service to ascertain which server works with your phone.

Because it is due to fear and stress it is possible that the person feel some difficulty in telling the address to the emergency control officers. In schools and offices, it is the responsibility of the management to instruct students and employees about the list. This is particularly useful when an employee is on the road, away on vacation or otherwise unable to access contact information. For example, if a different person logs into Nicholas' computer, they will have to provide Junxure with a name and password.
This is because emergencies never come after knocking at your door and therefore everyone should have an access to an emergency call list to ask for help immediately in any unexpected and life threatening situations.
A good emergency call list should have all the important emergency numbers like fire brigade, hospital, police, poison control cell, child help, suicide prevention, woman help and many more. The Text button can be seen on the Action Detail screen and in many of the Contact Search results windows.
It is good to place the list near a telephone, as this will provide convenience to the caller.
The phone numbers of such emergency help centers are usually available on the Internet as well as daily published in newspapers.

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