Emergency Response and Disaster Management are different domains of activity with different information sharing requirements. After a long period of relative solar quiet, one cannot help but wonder if this uptick in solar storm activity is a prelude to future interactions between the approaching Planet X System and our Sun.
A test of the national ‘Emergency Alert System’ which was seen by television viewers this morning in states across the country prompted panic and confusion, with many taking to Twitter to express their concerns. The test began at around 11am EST and was broadcast in Washington DC, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.
Viewers in Sacramento, CA also reported seeing the test, which lasted for about 10 minutes before the regular TV broadcast resumed.

Others also tweeted their confusion and nervousness at seeing the alert, with many noting that the message had frozen on screen. Last October, an emergency alert from the White House interrupted TV viewers across America, advising them to stand by for an emergency message and not to use their phones. AT&T blamed a “nationally syndicated radio station” for sending the alert message by mistake, despite the fact that only the federal government can send out EAS alerts. This entry was posted in Useful Tips and tagged American Red Cross, Emergency management, Preparedness by John H. The emergency alert contained no details and merely listed the states it affected and said the alert would run from 11am until 12 midnight.

The alert system, “can only be activated by the President in times of emergency,” reported Fox 5. Mandatory test messages are sent via broadcast and cable television as well as all radio outlets. Bob Menendez Indicted On Public Corruption Charges Google, Facebook “War Moves” Put Russia On Full Nuke Alert The Problems With Obama’s Plan to Slash US Greenhouse Gas Emissions By Nearly 30 Percent RARE: Proposal To Prohibit Geo-engineering.

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