Our Tactical Trauma Kit is a very nice backpack with a lot of compartments for easy access to the contents.
Plastic first aid case with gasket will ensure that contents will resist moisture if exposed to the elements, as well as protecting the interior upholstery of a work truck.
The durable Common Cents EMS Trauma Oxygen Mega Duffle Bag holds a size D oxygen cylinder and supplies. Learn construction first aid procedures, construction first aid kit contents, know your construction first aid policy, have adequate construction first aid supplies, remember these construction first aid tips and those you learn in your construction first aid classes.
Zip lock Freezer bags (heavy duty) would allow you to collect rain water run-off from the space blanket if necessary.

One of the most important emergency preparedness things you can do for you and your family is to create the 72 hour kit for each member of the household.
Donald AlleyDetroit Emergency Preparedness ExaminerDonald Alley is a preparedness enthusiast. CPR-Savers and First Aid Supplies is your trusted resource for a variety of emergency equipment and first aid products. Kit contents: - 4 Emergency Food Bars (3600) - 24 Emergency Drinking Water - 4 Emergency Survival Blanket - 2 12 Hour Light Stick - 1 MSHA Approved Flashlight - 3 D Cell Battery - 2 AA Cell Battery - 1 Waterproof Whistle - 1 Box of Waterproof Matches 40 ct.
Every item in our ETA Kit is carefully selected to complement the others, and serve multiple purposes.We stress the importance of having an ETA Kit within your reach at all times, and these have been made to conveniently fit in a cargo pocket, glove box, backpack, laptop bag, briefcase, you name it.

The best wilderness first aid kits are ones where the contents, your experience and the likely risks are in sync.

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