Every so often — or frequently, depending on your tolerance level — you get an AMBER alert on your phone. But, like a good many things, emergency alerts on Android can be a bit of a mess. We'll explain.
There are three (or four, depending on how you're counting) types of emergency alerts you can receive on your Android. Presidential alerts— No, not asking for money, but rather an alert issued by the President of the United States or a designee.
Imminent threat alerts — Weather, really, and this one may be broken down into "extreme threats" or "severe threats" to life and property.

Emergency alerts on Samsung phones are tucked away in the settings of Samsung's messaging app. Motorola's Moto X goes even further, allowing you to set the duration of the alert sound (from 2 seconds to 10 seconds, speak the alert out loud, and offer an option to opt out after receiving your first alert. Then I must be connected to the world's most powerful tower if I'm getting alerts from California. That horrible blaring of the emergency alert tone, the buzzing of your phone's vibrating motor, and then the grim news. I also haven't received a single alert on my phone since I first noticed it was implemented.

AMBER alerts can appear to be a bit cryptic, giving you the location of the alert, a car license plate number and the make, model and color of the vehicle. To adjust your emergency and AMBER alert settings, either look in your phone's default messaging app, or in the mobile options section of your settings menu.

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