The price of all our EMI shielding products are available on request and depends on order quantity.
The electromagnetic radiation protective clothing can be made in any size and even according to your supplied drawings. Electromagnetic field shielding is created using the Faraday Cage principle and has been shown in testing to provide reductions in RF fields (non-ionizing radiation) of at least 90% in the frequency range of 800 MHz to 18 GHz. Do you want to receive a price quotation for Protective clothing within 24 hours, then please click on the right button.

This Emf clothing garment is designed specifically to protect the pregnant woomen and their unborn babies for the possible dangers of the Emfs. The Baby Shield will give you peace of mind because it is made from highly effective emf shielding fabric and at the same time it looks very attractive.
This shielding clothing may be worn while working in an environment with high electromagnetic radiation  but can also be used for personal protection against electromagnetic radiation. But they all agree that the small babies and younger children are more sensitive to the possible effects of the electromagnetic radiation.

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