When the EMP (electro magnetic pulse) strikes, be it from a massive solar flare event, a nuclear explosion at altitude, an EMP bomb, or a focused EMP weapon, it does the same thing… emit a pulse of fairly broadband energy which radiates outward from the source.
Some of the energy will be instantly induced into the power grid since most of our power lines are above the ground like a giant antenna and will soak up and distribute the pulse. I went to the local junkyard and gathered up all the components for the ignition systen on a vehicle identical to mine, including the brain box on the inner fender.
As a practical matter, a piece of electronic gear on the ground, in a vehicle, ship or plane does not really care whether it is hit by a nuclear magnetic pulse or a non-nuclear one.

Having said that, even if the electronic device is NOT plugged in, it will also be vulnerable to the effects of the EMP as the invisible pulse radiates outwards through the air, enveloping everything in its path (except for those items which are protected in a Faraday type cage or similar).
Possible no southern hemisphere habitable either due to a chain effect of Nuclear plants failing. If an electromagnetic pulse takes out the telephone systems, we are in deep double trouble because our military and non-military nets are virtually inseparable.
If you can take out the civilian economic infrastructure of a nation, then that nation in addition to not being able to function internally cannot deploy its military by air or sea, or supply them with any real effectiveness–if at all.

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