To carry out such an attack, from a high-altitude nuclear blast, would require Iran to have not only the missiles to launch such a device but also the technology to produce a nuclear explosion. The revelation comes as the United States, along with the P5+1 countries that comprise the United Nations Security Council, is about to finalize negotiations over Iran’s nuclear development program. There have been concerns raised that Iran still has the intention of making nuclear bombs using the technology in that program, and the negotiations may not do enough to prevent it.
In the latest development, the P5+1 countries – Great Britain, France, the United States, Russia and China plus Germany – have sought restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program to prevent that country from turning a program that reportedly is for medical and power production into a bomb factory. But WND reported in 2014 that there was developing considerable alarm among national security experts that Iran was intending to position its warships off the U.S. The Iranian Fars News Agency had announced that the fleet would undertake a three-month mission and would consist of a destroyer and a helicopter-carrying vessel. According to sources, the textbook refers to an EMP attack on some 20 locations in the United States.
Pry pointed out that Iran, in fact, would not need an intercontinental missile to launch a high-altitude EMP attack that could knock out the U.S. Pry said it would cost only about $2 billion to harden the grid from such an attack or a direct hit from solar flares – which could produce similar damage and is occurring now. In 2012, when Iran was reporting the successful testing of a variety of missiles, including those that could strike targets 1,250 miles away, WND reported that the rogue nation also was working on an intercontinental ballistic missiles under the guise of it is space program. One nuclear warhead detonated at high-altitude over the United States would black out the national electric grid and other life-sustaining critical infrastructures for months or years by means of an electromagnetic pulse, Pry said. Landau, who is an expert on Iran’s nuclear program, said Iran could very well be planning an EMP attack on Israel, based on statements from high-level Iranian officials. She said Iran already has the missiles but only needs the nuclear device to launch an EMP that would be capable of destroying Israel’s electrical grid. Tehran has undertaken offshore exercises using Scud missiles fired and positioned in such a way that they exploded in the atmosphere, exactly the method you would use for an EMP attack, he said. WND also reported at the time that a 2004 report by a congressional commission found “several potential adversaries have or can acquire the capability to attack the United States with a high-altitude nuclear weapons-generated electromagnetic pulse (EMP).

Some individual states have adopted various requirements to minimize the damage from such an attack, but federal legislation has not yet succeeded in setting those standards. Iranian military officials have endorsed an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States, a newly translated Iranian military textbook shows.
Such an attack could knock out the electrical grid and create a nationwide blackout, perhaps for months or even up to a year.
The US government is so worried about Iran’s nuclear program that it may have helped carry out an unprecedented digital attack designed to destroy the infrastructure at Iranian nuclear weapons factories in 2010, although Israel also may have been the source.
An EMP attack seems to be the only way to stop BIg Brother and this tyrannical lobbyist form of government we have. Last month in a speech to his air force commanders, Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, boasted of Tehran's achievement in enriching uranium to the 20% level. This is the same ayatollah, Obama assured us in his speech to the Iranian people five years after he ignored and failed to hear cries during the 2009 Green Revolution, who had issued a fatwa against the development of nuclear weapons. Iran's true intentions were documented by a column by Peter Vincent Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, a congressional advisory board.
Written for Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva just prior to Israel's recent elections, Pry's column revealed the threat found in a translation of an Iranian military handbook of an Iranian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the U.S. The Associated Press recently reported that under the best-case scenario, a nuclear deal with Iran would leave as many as 6,000 centrifuges whirring away toward the goal of building an Iranian atomic weapon. Iran, as Pry notes, also wants to wipe America off the face of the Earth, or at least remove it from the 21st century. National security experts who claim to have read translated excerpts from an Iranian military manual have stated that an EMP attack against the United States has been in the planning stages for quite a while. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a sudden burst of electromagnetic radiation that swiftly alters energy levels.
Iranian leaders reportedly have a long history of failing to stand behind treaties and written agreements with other countries. Life as we know it in America would change in seconds if such an electromagnetic pulse attack were to occur.

Should Iran also unleash an EMP attack on our European allies, simply ordering more transformers from Germany would not be feasible. The horrific images of the planes burning after they crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania would sadly pale in comparison to the carnage and fires that would occur after an EMP attack. This entry was posted in Emergency Power, Emergency Preparedness, Most Popular, News, Prepping, Self Reliance, Survival Skills and tagged iran nuclear, iran, emp survival, teotwawki, survival tips, solar flare, SHTF, emp attack, emp, dr william r forstchen on September 30, 2015 by Tara Dodrill. Graham, said there was no other explanation for such tests than preparation for the deployment of electromagnetic pulse weapons – even one of which could knock out America’s critical electrical and technological infrastructure, effectively sending the continental U.S.
He recently warned a joint session of Congress about reaching any nuclear agreement with Iran. Emily Landau, director of the Arms Control and Regional Security Program at Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies, said Iran also could target Israel. Such an attack could take down the grid and also destroy computers and other electronic devices.
Stuxnet caused the centrifuges to fail and the Iranian nuclear weapons program to grind to a halt.
A Washington Examiner report contends that United States officials also now believe that their peers in Iran have endorsed an EMP attack specifically designed to target our antiquated and overly-taxed power grid. Amass more than what you need; water purification supplies will make great barter after an EMP attack or any SHTF scenario. James Woolsey warned that Russia, China, Iran and North Korea were all developing EMP weapons that could be used against the United States. If Iran launches such an attack on our nation, all the planes flying in the impact zone would crash to the ground immediately.

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