The Legislature is poised to renew a controversial provision in the state's public utilities code that made it easier for utility companies to shut off consumers for non-payment during the winter months.The 2004 law known as Chapter 14 is set to sunset, or expire, this year unless Legislators renew it. Prior to 2004, there was a moratorium on winter shutoffs; Chapter 14 changed the law to allow shutoffs for households with incomes of 250 percent or greater than the federal poverty level.
Five years ago, Chapter 14 went into effect making it easier for companies to shut off customers’ utilities when they get behind in payments, scuttling protections that had been in place through the Public Utility Commission.
Reports from the PUC show that shutoffs have increased dramatically since the law was passed, and that has meant families making dangerous decisions on how to heat their homes. Utilities are not allowed to shut off power in the winter to people at 250 percent of the poverty level or below, which equates to a family of four earning about $4,600 a month or less. Maryland family of 8 died after utility cut off stolen electric meter - Washington TimesJavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled.

The threshold for customers of the Philadelphia Gas Works is 150 percent or greater than the federal poverty level.A recent report critical of the law noted it reduced shutoff requirements and payment agreement opportunities, and imposed more stringent restoration terms on consumers who had had utility shutoffs. But if someone was shut off before then he won’t have heat unless he can pay to be reconnected. This despite warnings from the state Consumer Advocate Sonny Popowsky, AARP and the Pennsylvania Utility Law Project, that the new shutoff standard was a complex issue that required much analysis before it was decided and could mean difficulties for low-income customers — which it has.
The last time anyone saw or talked with members of the family was March 28, Chief Keller said.Somerset County Schools sent officials twice to check on the family on April 1 after the children failed to show up for school for several days, said spokesman Leo Lawson. Of those deaths, 141 occurred in situations in which electricity was turned off for nonpayment, and in another 117 cases in which electricity was off for unknown reasons.
Todd received assistance paying his utility bills in the past, but he did not apply for help this year, said Tom VanLandingham, who directs the Office of Home Energy Programs in Somerset County.

Though in Insull's case, fame turned into infamy.After emigrating from England in 1881 and working for Edison in New Jersey for the remainder of the decade, Insull set off for Chicago.
There, he gained control of a small electric generation station and built it into a major utility holding company.Utility owners, however, faced a mounting threat by the end of the century as households and businesses learned through experience that electricity was very different from other commodities.
Two months earlier, PPL had terminated electricity service to his trailer for nonpayment of $5,325.The PUC's investigation concluded PPL had violated state utility regulations by cutting Eberly's power prematurely.

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