Page Content2012 & 2013 Electric Rate AdjustmentThe 2012 Distribution System budget estimates revenues for 2012 at $45 million which includes a 7% rate adjustment.
Electric rates in Grays Harbor County are among the lowest in the nation, and are competitive even in Washington State. The area’s backbone includes the publicly owned 72-strand fiber optic line that runs from the main facilities on the I-5 corridor into Aberdeen and digital transmission owned by private telecommunications companies. Both the Public Utility District (PUD) and the Satsop Business Park (PDA) are connected to the area network.
Three private telecommunications companies provide access and have back-up copper, microwave and fiber optic lines running throughout the county.

Transitioning from oil to cleaner fuels like electricity and low-carbon biofuels will take time and long-term policy support.
An average electric car charged in Washington produces the carbon emissions equivalent to a gas-powered car achieving up to 170 miles per gallon (mpg). Washington is already producing such low-carbon biofuels, but has the potential to produce significantly more: used cooking oil, animal fat, canola, and cellulosic sources such as hybrid poplar trees could collectively generate hundreds of millions of gallons of clean fuels every year.
Urge your state legislator to support transportation fuels tracking and disclosure in the Commonwealth. In Seattle, where the majority of electricity comes from hydroelectric dams, the same EV produces the emissions equivalent of a gas-powered car getting over 500 mpg.

Although the 2012 Distribution System budget includes a 7% rate adjustment, forecasts indicate a staged increase would be more appropriate, beginning with a 6% increase effective July 1, 2012 and a second 6% increase effective January 1, 2013. The following graph shows a comparison of the District’s monthly residential electric bill, including the 6% increase, to the bills charged by other public utilities in Washington State.

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