China air blower, Air pump, exhaust fan, Vacuum pump, Electrical Magnetic Air Pump - Shanghai Yonglang Pumps Co., Ltd. Magnetic force is the same as gravitational and electrical forces in that no one knows truly what it is. The existence of a magnetic field is a necessary consequence of the laws of electrostatics, and the principles of special relativity. The classical development of magnetics started when Oersted deflected a compass needle with a electric current carrying wire. Because it is very easy to move charges through an wire, most all knowledge about magnetics comes from the study of a current through a wire. In the early development of magnetic theory, bar magnetics were used to provide a fixed magnetic source. Till recently, moving electric fields outside wires, which corresponds to a constant net electric field with respect to an observer has not occurred.
In a circular wire conducting a current, the magnetic field created is about the wire in circular form.
In relating force to magnetic fields and currents in a length of wire L, within a uniform magnetic field B, carrying a current of density J, moving from left to right can be used. For a conductor of any shape making any angle with the magnetic field, the force is a product of q times the vector product v cross B. Since magnetics is a vectored quantity and its field and force are perpendicular to charge motion, a rule of hand is in order to visualize what is happening.
The terms of the magnetic moment are the same as gyroscopic moment and electro dipole moment.
Suppose there is a conductor of length l, in a magnetic field B, perpendicular to the length of the conductor. If two conductors were connected at the ends such that loops were formed, one end of a loop in a magnetic field, and the other loop out of the field, then the resultant electric field equals the electric field due to a electrostatic field, plus the electric field due to the nonelectrostatic field. Over simplified, mutual induction is the source magnetic field affecting an adjacent material.

From these Michael Faraday (1791-1867), a English chemist and physicist deduced: the line integral of an induced electric field around a closed path, or the electromotive force e in the path, equals the time rate of change of magnetic flux across the area bounded by the path. Suppose there were a disk of a conductor with a radius R rotating at an uniformed velocity w about an axis which is perpendicular to a magnetic disk. The terms inductance and magnetic power were developed primarily for current carrying wires, however, they are close to the characteristics of any components associated with magnetics.
In the development of electrical systems, it became important to increase mutual inductance, and decrease losses. To improve the transformer requires a grater degree of mutual inductance, which is dependent upon the magnetic field.
To define the nature of material we can introduce a magnetic field in, the term magnetic susceptibility Ms was developed and is the ratio of magnetization to intensity. Possibly over simplified, diamagnetic material opposes the development and paramagnetic material helps the development of a magnetic field. The truth of the matter is that these magnetic material differences is not well understood.
There is also an effect which allows a material to keep the magnetic field when the inducing magnetic field has been removed. For the Earth's core there is no hysteresis because of the liquid and high temperature but, the material is still highly susceptible to magnetization from a moving electric field.
One complete chapter in the Scientific Papers of James Clerk Maxwell by Faraday was dedicated to the magnetics of a sphere within a magnetic field. This rendition of the affects of a conducting sphere revolving in a magnetic field is rather short.
The axis along y is such that the magnetic field tends to turn back to the axis of x by electric tension. The force - work relationship for a conducting sphere spinning in magnetic field is in part what the Earth is doing. The last things which should be noted are the affects of angular velocity and the material's magnetic resistance.

Electrical Magnetic Valve from China manufacturer - Fenghua Tianxin Solenoid Valve Co., Ltd. Thus, it became believed, all so called magnetic phenomena result from forces between electric charges in motion.
However, with the advent of nuclear reactions, it is possible to observe an expanding electric field from a point origin.
The magnetic moment is a term given to the torque applied to a loop carrying a current in a magnetic field. The magnetic intensity at any point is connected with the quantity of magnetic induction by a set of equations called equations of conduction. For example, it was known that iron had greater magnetic properties than other materials, so someone stuck iron in the center of the transformer (called core), and as expected the inductance increased. It seems the magnetic moment of a loop is independent of the shape of the loop and is dependent upon the area of the loop.
When the magnetic field of external origin is applied to a current carrying loop a torque is developed. Since the force due to the magnetic field would generate a nonelectrostatic field Fn = q * En. Because the electric field is due to motion, the emf is call motional electromotive force. Typical ferrimagnetic materials are iron oxide magnetite , nickel-zinc ferrite , and nickel ferrite .

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