If no arc is drawn, the positive pulse on the collector of Q3 is followed by a negative-going excursion.
Potentiometer R9 for the variable pulse generator project can be any 2.5 mega-ohm unit from the junk box. If you have trouble getting lower output voltages, but not higher, the spark-plug cable may have pulled loose. Electronics" magazines and published by Gernsback Publishing, 1992 (Gernsback Publishing is no longer in business). A Multipurpose power pulse generator capable of driving Tesla Coils and other high power coils. This unit quite simply can generate high current pulses of variable frequency and pulse width. A switch allows power to be sent to external coils for low voltage applications, or the internal ignition coils can be powered for charging a large HV pulse discharge capacitor.

All the power electronics are housed in an Aluminum case finished with panel meters, IO ports, and switches.
The main high voltage front panel on the box has sockets for HV DC output, an internal HV pulse discharge capacitor, and an internal spark gap. The control circuit used for generating the driving signal is made using a 555 based circuit. This device is capable of powering a multitude of experiments and is great for any researcher experimenting with pulsed power or resonant applications.
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This device is based on the Homemade Tesla Coil project and uses an improved version of the ignition coil driver circuit to generate high voltages. The high current pulses from the Lead Acid Batteries makes the signal generator unstable in the original design.

This is because a Tesla Coil (TC) will generate radio frequency (RF) currents that would otherwise become present throughout the circuit. This is not to improve quenching, but it will reduce electrode corrosion from Ozone buildup in the spark gap casing. This circuit can be found on the DIY Devices Page and is titled Signal Generator with Pulse Width Control. It can be connected to the Power Pulse Generator by a jack plug on the end of the cable from the unit. These pulses are normally square waves and its frequency can be adjusted again by varying the timing components comprising of a resistor and a capacitor.

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