Twitter As a service to other Nebraska broadcasters, NET Radio publishes its EAS logs monthly.
Model EAS-1 is now available with an optional telephone interface for inserting an emergency message from a remote location with a DTMF telephone keypad. 5 programmable relays to supply contact closures to handshake with automation equipment or signal other equipment. Temperatures and it can be had for balcony eas radio equipment gardens are easy to care comprehend that the metric unit.

4 layer board with all signal traces on top and bottom and all IC’s mounted in sockets for ease of repair.
Two contact closure outputs can be used to signal remote control equipment, automation equipment, or to activate a remote bell or lamp. Contact closure output to signal automation equipment that the EAS interruption is completed.
One for composing a header code and another that will be known only by those who will be adjusting the equipment.

The contact closure would be supplied by remote switch or remote control equipment contacts.

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