Thai academics expressed concerns about the more severe and frequent earthquakes expected to shake the Earth in the future, while others warned people to beware even if they did not live near active faults. For instance, he said, if big earthquakes occurred in neighbouring countries, they would affect Thailand’s 13 active faults, making it prone to more tremors. Over the past few years, people have heard about recent earthquakes in several countries and reports about small tremors this month in Kanachanaburi raised their concerns.
Adichat Surinkhum, a senior geological expert at the Department of Mineral Resources, warned people to not settle in areas facing the risk of earthquakes.

Adichat, however, does not believe that a solar storm could affect the earth’s structure and cause an earthquake.
However, both he and Pennung are calling on Thai citizens and the authorities to build homes and buildings that are able to resist earthquakes. Scientists are trying to figure out a way to utilise smartphones in a way that they might be able to predict and warn others of earthquakes.Many countries today do no not have the adequate technology to accurately predict earthquakes. It goes on to explain how this might work.A smartphone usually has everything one might need in an earthquake sensor, the study claims.

The new GPS based method might not be as accurate as scientific earthquake sensors, but it sure will be drastically cheaper.
And if there is an earthquake sensing app somewhere in the future, who knows how many people will choose to download it.

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Earthquakes safety procedures


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