The checklist was tailored for concrete hollow block (CHB) houses, one of the most common types of Philippine homes because of its low construction cost. The features recommended by the checklist are based on the National Buiding Code and Structural Code of the Philippines. After earthquakes: evacuate when necessary, help the injured, prevent injuries or damage, call for help.
Self-check for Earthquake Safety" is a 12-point questionnaire homeowners can use to assess the earthquake readiness of their house. Phivolcs plans to launch a version for a wooden house as well as a computer simulation program to enable enginners and architects to test the earthquake readiness of their designs using special software.

An "earthquake-resistant" house is a house that will not collapse even in the face of an intensity 9 earthquake, said Phivolcs Director Renato Solidum.
A house built in 1992 or after is also more earthquake-ready because it was the year after more earthquake resistance standards were introduced to the codes.
A foundation of reinforced concrete would resist the shaking of an earthquake making it the ideal foundation for a house.
Buying house and lot, condomiminiums and other real estate properties, this site aims of helping you with your property investments through simple tips, ideas, buying experiences, stories, property updates and real estate news. Concrete hollow block (CHB) houses are common in the Philippines because they are cheap and easy to construct.

A well-maintained house with damages from previous earthquakes or other calamities repaired stands a much better chance of surviving a quake than a deteriorated one. The Travel Insider's content covers a range of travel information and opinions varying from guides & tips to traveller experiences.

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