When packing food into your 72 hour kit, remember to use shelf stable, non perishable foods that will last a while. I cannot stress enough about the importance of food and water in your Emergency Survival Station. If you dont have time to put together your own emergency kit, you can purchase a preassembled kit at Shelf Reliance.
It’s amazing how fast the weight in your pack can add up, especially when adding in water and food! I’m not sure what it is about my travel schedule, but in the past 18 months I’ve been in the wrong place at the wrong time and experienced two mild tsunamis, two moderate earthquakes and the edge of a hurricane.
January’s Great British Columbia Shakeout also emphasized that we here in BC are in the most earthquake-prone region of Canada.
Disaster organizations recommend that we should be prepared to avoid personal injury (and provide first aid to those who are hurt), have a plan to minimize damage to our homes and be able to survive for 72 hours without assistance.
Good food items for your earthquake emergency kit include canned goods that can be eaten cold, energy bars and dried foods like jerky and fruit.

Canned food that can be eaten cold is best, plus energy bars and dried foods (remember to replace the food and water once a year). The short answer is, store approximately 6,000 calories (3-days) of food for each person who would most likely be traveling in the vehicle. Ideally you want foods that are calorie dense to save space, especially if you find yourself having to walk with a backpack.
Change out your food every six months due to probable exposure to excessive temperature extremes, condensation issues, and to use good food rotation. My concern with a survival kit in the car is that, in the summer the heat will destroy the food and water. Survival blog topics for a life of preparedness and risk awareness; emergency and disaster or threats thereof.
The purpose for this station is to have the means to survive an emergency for at least 72 hours, all in one place. Because if you unexpectedly have to evacuate or get away for any reason, or if you are unable to return home, your 72-hour emergency kit will provide you with the essentials that you might need to survive for up to 3 days.

I also change out the food every 6-months or thereabouts, due to the shortening of it’s shelf life under the hot conditions of the summer.
In fact, many who do have such a kit will often readjust it from time to time for the season or changing circumstances. In my Scout Bag (actually two bags) I carry most of what is on the list but I also have some other survival items that I myself find most useful these are: A heavy blanket, a tarp for emergency shelter, saw saw for cutting wood, three different ways to make fire, flares, emergency road signs, a can of gas (one gallon), tools for mechanical, one pistol with a box of shells and a survival 22 rifle that stores inside the stock and a box of shells, one of my compound bows and arrows, a peculator to heat water and a Army style cooking pan that has a food tray on top ( I can cook with this also), emergency radio, head lamp and regular flashlight, Army Style Jungle Hammock, medical kit, a emergency fishing kit, a pay for minutes phone as a backup, some carpentry tools like a chisel and small hammer, nails, heavy garbage bags, a pint of pure grain alcohol, dietary supplements that gives me everything my body needs for one day as well as herbal, and last but not least my CB Radio.
The basic goal is to simply keep enough food, water, and basic supplies to cover a 3-day period. You also need to store at least 3 days worth of “easy to prepare” food (with a long shelf life).

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