It’s been just three weeks after Nepal had been through a severe earthquake that fresh tremors hit the region.
In an emergency you may need to turn off your electric, gas or water utilities for safety, or to avoid damage to your home. There are high possibilities of experiencing tremors and aftershocks for few days after large earthquakes.
Earthquake Safety TipsA Comprehensive Resource Earthquakes account for half of the worlds top 10 most dangerous natural disasters.

As a precaution against tsunamis post an earthquake, you must keep away from beaches and low-lying areas.
Our resident canner also suggests making sure your canned goods are in a safe place to avoid breakage. In a major emergency like an earthquake, cellular networks may be unavailable, but in case of a temporary outage, your mobile phone may be the most immediate communications device you have handy. While you must be aware of the safety tips to be considered during an earthquake, you must also consider factors that must be taken care of after the quake.

We’ve compiled some earthquake safety tips here, and you can get more information by visiting the Great ShakeOut.

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