Earthquakes Kobe Earthquake The ground continued to rumble in Kobe, the western city that took the brunt of 17 January quake that killed more than 5,000 people.
Most of the world's earthquakes (90%, and 81% of the largest) take place in the 40,000-km-long, horseshoe-shaped zone called the Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt, also known as the Pacific Ring of Fire, which for the most part bounds the Pacific Plate. The series features the efforts of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force, Tokyo Fire Department and Tokyo Disaster Medical Assistance Team in assisting recovery efforts after the initial earthquake and its recurring aftershocks.
Massive earthquakes tend to occur along other plate boundaries, too, such as along the Himalayan Mountains.
In the case of the great earthquake of Tokyo (M.8), an announcement could be provided 50 seconds before the arrival of the main tremor.

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 is an 11 episode drama surrounding the events of a fictional earthquake devastating modern day Tokyo. However, in the areas that are close to the center of the earthquake, the warning may not be transmitted before strong tremors occur. Earthquake Early Warnings will be provided through various media outlets such as TV and radio.
The show is centred around Mirai and her brother Yuuki who are caught in the midst of a strong earthquake and have to make the dangerous journey home. Commercially bottled water is the safest and most reliable emergency supply of water, kept bottled in its original container and unopened.

The hazard helmet to guard the head from falling objects is perceived as one of the most important earthquake safety item in every office and every home. Bones stated that it would try to realistically depict the after-effects of such a situation and that it would collect and tabulate research on previous earthquakes and interview individuals who were affected by them. FNN newscaster Christel Takigawa also features as a guest, reporting on the earthquake and assuming the role of a "navigator" during the series.

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