Earthquakes of comparable intensities cause far less destruction and deaths in industrialized countries and rich areas of Third World cities, than in the poor rural areas and slums of developing countries. Frame structures (timber, bamboo, reinforced concrete, metal) with light infill walls are most resistant to earthquakes, conventional masonry structures require a strong, continuous ring beam on top of the walls, to prevent them from falling apart. This type of dehydrator requires less energy, and will contribute to environmental protection by reducing the amount of dehydrated cake and expanding its use. However, far greater damage results from secondary effects of earthquakes, such as fire, landslides, damburst, epidemics, etc.

A series of smaller tremors follow major earthquakes and can lead to further collapse of buildings, greatly complicating rescue work. Artificial causes of earthquakes have recently resulted from the construction of dams, where the large water reservoirs exert great pressure on the earth's crust and lubricate faults, which release the pressure in seismic waves. These causes make certain regions more prone to earthquakes than other areas, but exact forecasts of tune and intensity are not possible so far.
Environmental accounting means that the necessary cost for environmental preservation in business promotion and disclosing the result of preservation by grasping and measuring both currency unit and quantity levels in order to achieve effectively both business development and environmental preservation.

The Municipal Waterworks Bureau has been involved in the safe and effective utilization of dehydrated cake from the viewpoint of environmental protection. Special measures to minimize damage to lives and property are recommended in these regions, but complete safety cannot be achieved.

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