A survey which looked at Southlanders preparedness for a civil defence emergency shows while 56 per cent of people have items stored around the house, only 34 per cent have an emergency kit ready to go. The Environmental Protection Agency in the United States lists ways to reduce risks to health and the environment from natural disasters.
This website is designed specifically for children and lists before, during and after advice when an earthquake happens.

The Environment Southland 2012 Residents' Opinion Survey, carried out by Versus Research, asked 600 people throughout the region about their preparedness, and found the top three emergency supplies people have ready were: non-perishable food (69 per cent), a torch (51 per cent) and bottled water (50 per cent). We will incorporate any existing civil defence items you have that are fit for purpose, into your civil defence preparedness as part of our free assessment, to meet the Civil Defence Emergency Management requirements. Survive-it provides a complete solution to civil defence emergency preparedness for workplaces, schools, motor vehicles and in the home.

Emergency go bag contents list
Water filter emergency preparedness


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