North Portland resident Ali Ryan demystifies packing an emergency survival kit, drawing on her experience working for Oregon's geology agency. Earth Science Information Officer at the Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Ali Ryan, shows us inside her emergency kit and gives tips on what to pack. When it comes to preparing for an anticipated Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake, Oregon’s most recent immigrants and refugees face unique challenges.
She said that some people in the communities she works with were being told by out-of-state family members to get out of Oregon.
Recent immigrants and refugees in Oregon bring different backgrounds and experiences that shape their individual reactions to a potential earthquake. Rasha Al Manni came to Beaverton from Baghdad, Iraq, one year ago, and learned about the risk of a Cascadia earthquake on Facebook. By contrast, people who migrated to Oregon from rural areas with little to no formal education may need more help with assessing the risks.
Joshi and Harrington Wilson both stressed that this kind of community engagement is crucial if the earthquake hits soon.
For her part, Al Manni said while she fears for her children if an earthquake strikes, she also feels exhausted thinking about it, and tries to forget it when she can.
Ed and Sara Johnson of Southeast Portland say their biggest reason for participating in the "Living Off Your Quake Kit" project is to learn more about how they need to be prepared for natural disaster and to spread that information to others.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has proclaimed October 15, 2015,Great Oregon ShakeOut Day encouraging participation in Oregon’s and the nation’s largest earthquake drill! The Oregon Office of Emergency Management has expanded its Emergency Support Function structure from 15 to 18 roles. Oregon suffered considerable damage from two moderate earthquake events in 1993 and distant tsunamis in 1964 and 2011.
The State of Oregon has activated a multi-agency response plan following the confirmation of highly pathogenic H5 avian influenza in domestic birds in Douglas County.
Learn more about what is being done to deal with the debris washing up on the Oregon coast.
They say the time to store it is now, before a Cascadia subduction-zone earthquake or other disaster closes stores or panicked shoppers clean out supplies. In general, information about the earthquake was traveling through informal channels and became less accurate the further it spread.
National Preparedness Month creates a significant opportunity for every Oregonian to learn more about ways to prepared for all types of emergencies. Scientific evidence indicates that Oregon is at risk for a much larger and potentially more damaging earthquake associated with the Cascadia Subduction Zone that is expected to generate strong ground shaking and a destructive tsunami. The Oregon Seismic Safety Policy Advisory Commission has produced an Oregon Resilience Plan which was furthered by the Oregon Resilience Taskforce.

Oregon officials are regularly testing for radiation and to date there has been no data to suggest any radiation over normal acceptable levels is in the sand or sea water. Two years later, some 5,000 miles away, tsunami debris continues to wash up on the Oregon Coast.
The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan brings the hazard home and offers a teachable moment. A 165 ton Japanese concrete dock arrived on Agate Beach in June 2012, small Japanese fishing vessels washed up on Oregon beaches this spring, and smaller items, like plastic bottles even a Buddha statue presumed to be tsunami debris, have turned up on the Oregon coast. The Oregon Office of Emergency Management urges individuals to take action to prepare by knowing about the hazard and having a plan that includes an emergency kit with at least two-weeks of supplies, said Althea Rizzo, Geologic Hazards Program Coordinator. Click here to read a press release on the Tohuku Earthquake and Tsunami 4-year anniversary. Dogs have appetites; at the moment, Ryan's kit has no dog food, because she raided her emergency supply recently when she ran out.

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