ABOUT PREPARE NORCALThe San Francisco Bay Area is a region that is highly vulnerable to natural hazards like earthquakes, wildfires, and severe weather. Enter the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), an organization funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the U. We’ve covered a great deal of supplies and basic preparations for emergency preparedness over the last month.
You can download this structural earthquake preparedness guide from FEMA here that explains all this in more depth. As far as earthquakes go, these are the supplies that should be at the top of your list and HAVE to be finished and available.
Don’t wait until the shaking is violent enough that you’re convinced its an earthquake, take action as soon as the shaking begins. The earthquake will cause fire alarms and sprinklers to go off, so this will be a loud and wet walk. Teachers, journalists, workers, men and women, were taught basic skills on how to react when an earthquake hits, recognizing signs of danger such as a noticeable fall in the water level. A lot of what you can do to be prepared has been covered already, but there are some very specific steps that need to be taken in order to safely ride out an earthquake.

It’s important to be prepared before an earthquake, but you also need to know what to do during an earthquake, and then what you will need to do after to remain safe and minimize damage.
Teuku Firsa, UNDP disaster risk project manager, said residents reaction to last weeks earthquake indicated a vast improvement of knowledge amongst the population in Aceh.
The overall probability of a magnitude 6.7 or larger earthquake striking the Greater Bay Area in the next 30 years is 63 percent.
Preparing now will help you survive and recover and get back to normal after the next damaging earthquake.CEA's new alliance with the American Red Cross can help you take simple steps to be ready when the time comes-- We're in this together, Northern California, so get prepared! Start building your kit with this detailed list of supplies and make sure you have the Red Cross Earthquake Safety Checklist.MAKE A PLANIdentify out-of-area emergency contacts.
Make sure know how the notification systems in your area work.EARTHQUAKE INSURANCEMost residential insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage - a separate earthquake policy is required. Without earthquake insurance to help cover the costs of repairs and other expenses that come with catastrophic damage, you will pay out-of-pocket to fix your home, to replace your personal property, and to live and eat elsewhere.
Five reasons to buy:If your home suffers catastrophic earthquake damage, the CEA can provide you with the strength to rebuild. With nearly $10 billion in claim-paying power, supported by the service expertise of its participating insurance companies, the CEA could cover all of its claims if the 1906 San Francisco, 1989 Loma Prieta, or 1994 Northridge earthquake reoccurred today.Excellent financial ratings.

CEA rates are based on the best available science for assessing earthquake risk and do not include any amount for profit.Not tied to government budgets. California's budget issues have no impact on the CEA's ability to pay its claims, because the CEA is a privately financed entity and receives no money through the state budget.Without earthquake insurance, the cost of any damage is your cost. If your CEA policy claim exceeds your deductible, you don't actually have to pay the deductible before claim-payment eligibility is triggered.Read more about CEA earthquake insurance policies and premiums and to see a list of insurance companies that sell CEA earthquake insurance. PRACTICE HOW TO DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON During an earthquake, know how to drop to the ground, take cover under sturdy furniture, and hold on to that furniture until after the shaking stops. Learn about Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drills, annual opportunities to practice what to do during an earthquake.SECURE YOUR HOME'S STRUCTURE AND CONTENTSMake sure your home is securely anchored to its foundation. Find out about the threats and hazards in your area.California Earthquake AuthorityGet peace of mind.

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