Information about issues relating to the 2011 Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake changes daily.
At this current time, due to the large scale of damage caused by the earthquake and tsunami, prefectural governments in the affected areas are not currently accepting material donations and volunteer applications from individuals.  Please check individual prefectural websites (listed below) for updated information.
A massive earthquake in Nepal has killed thousands of people since a devastating 7.8 tremor on April 25, 2015. Krish Dulal, a prolific Wikipedia editor from Nepal, recently uploaded photos of Kathmandu to Wikimedia Commons, to document the impact of this devastating earthquake — and to invite more photographers to contribute images about this disaster. For more information about the Nepal earthquake, follow its Wikipedia page — and this image gallery. Content Translation has helped create 30,000 new Wikipedia articles since the beginning of 2015.

Prague, April 27 (CTK) — The Czech government approved today sending a medical trauma team to help Nepal earthquake victims, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka (Social Democrats, CSSD) has written on Twitter. On Saturday, the powerful disaster claimed about 3,600 dead and many other people were injured, according to the latest information.
Nepalese Wikipedian Krish Dulal shared many images of this disaster, such as this photo, freely licensed underCC BY-SA 3.0. I have inspired some of other Wikipedian friends to take pictures and upload them on Wikimedia Commons.
The position between two large continental plates (the European and African) and various micro-plates of the Mediterranean Sea results in highly active seismicity all over the peninsula.The first map of seismicity of the Mediterranean area and an extensive research on earthquakes in Italy was published in 1857 by the Irish engineer - and self educated geologist - Robert Mallet under the title "Great Neapolitan Earthquake- The First Principles of Observational Seismology". Mallet got interested in earthquakes in 1830 by a drawing in a natural sciences book, displaying two stone columns twisted by an earthquake in Calabria.

These points, the epicentre of an earthquake, were not randomly distributed, but found in "seismic belts" following the Apennine Mountains.Earthquakes mark the history of the area surrounding L'Aquila and the province of Abruzzo. I have mentored some of the top contributing wikipedians, including my own brother Nirmal Dulal. The local prefecture damaged by the earthquake, emblem of the situation in Italy, image from Wikipedia-User TheWiz83 May 7, 2009.In rural areas the "core" of most of the historic buildings consisted of local material, like stone, superimposed by cement constructions or supplementary floors of recent age.

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