Once the earthquake is over, we will have to live with the risk of fire, the potential lack of utilities and basic services, and the certainty of aftershocks. Check with your city or county to see if there is a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) in your area. Use the information you put together in your disaster plan and the supplies you organized in your disaster kits.
Learn from what happened during the earthquake so you will be safer and recover more quickly next time. In addition, some areas within California are vulnerable to tsunamis should an earthquake occur off the coast.
Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Best Pict Of Your Home Fire Escape Plan Draw Your Home Floor Plan Using A Home At Home Plans.
Fire Evacuation Plan For Home New Search Results For Home Fire Evacuation Plan Template At Home Plans. Batteries and produce electricity are, you are significantly #10 can makes it possible for for. Find out if your home or business is at risk for earthquakes, tsunamis, and related hazards.

Sleeping bags and flashlights may be quite handy in the days or weeks after a major earthquake. In addition to the shaking caused by earthquakes, other things can occur such as landslides, surface fault ruptures and liquefaction - all of which may cause injury or property damage. Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Popular Home Fire Escape Plan Grid Instructions At Home Plans. Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Amazing Emergency Evacuation Plans Fire Safety Consultants Australia Picture At Home Plans.
Select a safe place outside of your home to meet your family or housemates after the shaking. If your home is structurally unsafe or threatened by a fire or other hazard, you need to evacuate.
Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Modern Similar Results Fire Escape Routes Are Discussed With The Fire Safety At Home Plans. Once you have met your and your family's immediate needs after an earthquake, continue to follow the plan you prepared in advance (see Step 2). Once you have recovered from the earthquake, go back to Step 1 and do the things you did not do before, or do them more thoroughly.

Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Picture Plan Fire Evacuation Plan Sample Floor Plan Fire Evacuation Plan At Home Plans.
Before the next earthquake, get together with your family or housemates to plan now what each person will do before, during and after. Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Popular Free Evacuation Map Template Plan Free Map Emergency Evacuation Plan At Home Plans. Earthquakes can occur everywhere in California which means all Californians live with an earthquake risk. Fire Evacuation Plan For Home Popular GW Fire Drill Evacuation Plan First Floor At Home Plans.
However, shelters may be overcrowded and initially lack basic services, so do not leave home just because utilities are out of service or your home and its contents have suffered moderate damage.

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