The move comes after Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today held a review meeting to discuss the preparedness of the national capital in dealing with natural and man-made disasters. According to senior government officials, government has prepared state disaster management plan and district disaster management plans are also being prepared for all the eleven district.State disaster management plan talks of broad guidelines with standard operating procedure.
According to the government, manpower is required to deal with any disaster and in the last five years 19,000 civic defense personnel got registered with the government. According to officials, soon Delhi CM and LG will hold a meeting on strengthening disaster management plan.

Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, which is one of the worst quakes to have hit the country since 1934.
Nepal was struck by a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake on Saturday, one of the worst to have hit the country since 1934.
In 1934, an earthquake had hit Nepal and Bihar and over 19,000 people were killed in total.
We have also got secured TETRA communication network in case mobile network fails in any disaster," Mr Sharma said.

In any disaster, people can contact this number and response plan is immediately made and concern agencies are alerted, the officer said. In 2015, the earthquake was felt as far as New Delhi, Kolkata and has left over 1800 people dead so far in Nepal itself.

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