An average of 20 typhoons and dangerous storms arrive in the Philippines from the Pacific Ocean over the eastern seaboard yearly. Information, preparation and understanding of these massive natural disasters is critical for the effective reduction in loss of life and limb.
Over 800 people were killed by the eruption, mostly by roofs collapsing under the weight of accumulated and saturated wet ash, a hazard that was largely exacerbated by the simultaneous arrival of Typhoon Yunya.

Bad weather, especially during typhoon season, poor maintenance, overloading of vessels -- especially during the Christmas season as families return to their villages for reunions -- and lax enforcement of regulations has brought many tragedies. The need for terrorism suppression and bomb analysis, search techniques and evacuation procedures are critical. All governmental and private entities responsible for large segments of the population  should be prepared for these fateful natural disasters and put into force mitigation techniques to reduce potential risk and loss of life.

These comprehensive and timely seminars provide the kind of training needed to better-prepare administrators and first responders.

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