COMMENTEMAILMOREThe weather in space can affect the weather here on earth, so much so that scientists are proposing a new space mission to launch an early warning system.The mission, dubbed Carrington L-5, would provide a five-day forecast of space weather.
One major concern is the level of rainfall which accompanies such a storm system and how to prepare people and infrastructure for that eventuality. It is extraordinary that the island was expecting rain showers which would bring an end to a long period of drought but was not under a storm watch for an event which is estimated to have caused damages of $500 million and cost 50% of the island’s GDP and brought so many deaths. When there are solar eruptions, particles can be hurled into space and at the earth’s magnetic field. That can cause widespread disruptions to satellite and communication networks.The Carrington L-5 would utilize a spacecraft that trails the earth in its orbit around the sun and relays information about activity on the sun’s surface.

Its earliest launch date would be in 2020.We've seen unusually severe magnetic storms this year that have blasted the biggest electrical currents space scientists have observed in more than a decade. Weather in space can affect our power grids, causing blackouts, wildfires (from power lines) and other hazards.In 1989, a solar storm knocked out power for nine million people in Canada. And in September 1859, a massive geomagnetic storm — known as the Carrington Event — knocked out telegraph wires and sparked fires from Hawaii to Italy.Today’s Internet-connected world is much more vulnerable to network disruptions.
The site notes solar storms were added to the United Kingdom’s list of civil emergencies four years ago.Countries in higher latitudes are particularly susceptible to magnetic storms. Their power systems and communication networks are threatened the most because of their proximity to the northern lights and rock formations that allow geomagnetic currents to flow into power lines positioned above.Space weather largely remains “out there” and doesn’t affect earth’s weather all that much.

The portion of the atmosphere in which we experience weather is the troposphere, which extends from the earth’s surface to as high as 12 miles above.Still, all weather is born by the sun whose rays travel millions of miles in the form of energy to heat the planet. If you want to be extra cautious consider not conducting important business online or, if you're extremely nervous, don't fly — though there is no evidence to support such storms can bring down airplanes.These may be overly cautious measures.

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