As a WRAS approved water tank manufacturer, Enduramaxx has a range of plastic vertical water tanks, including rainwater harvesting tanks, MDPE potable water storage tanks and slimline rainwater tanks.
Enduramaxx potable vertical tanks are backed by a full 10 year warranty and are supplied with a byelaw 30 kit (byelaw 60 kit in Scotland).
Enduramaxx manufactures a range of mixing tanks suitable for most agricultural fertilisers. Enduramaxx vertical storage tanks are industrial water tanks available in 25 sizes ranging from 150 to 30,000 litres. The Enduramaxx vertical storage tanks industrial water storage tank range is manufactured with lifting lugs, overflow, inlet and outlet locations that can take up to O150mm fitting(s). Open top tanks are generally process-orientated tanks that are typically used for blending or for containment (containment tanks). Enduramaxx Bunded Tanks 10000 litre are selected for integral protection from leakage and overfilling and are designed with pollution control in mind.
Uses for Enduramaxx bunded tanks include; industrial chemicals and dosing, de-icers, pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, agricultural liquid fertilisers and molasses, oils (except fuel oils, diesel, etc), waste water and water industries. Enduramaxx liquid fertiliser tanks and molasses tanks are ideal for commercial and agricultural use. Depending on your application there are many different types of water storage tanks available for your system. Water tanks are available in sizes ranging from a few hundred litres to several hundred thousand litres and as with the Poly water pipe in different grades depending on the usage of the water.
Tanks can be situated above or below ground depending on your needs and are often easy to handle even up to several thousand litre sizes in size (empty). If however you only use the tank water once per week then consideration must be given to protect from frost.
The potable water tank is manufactured from tough plastics and despite its large size is easy to manoeuvre when empty.

Tanks of this type are usually and should be checked to ensure they are UV stabilised and should be WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) if the water is to be used for drinking.
Most of these are automatically potable because they share the same manufacturing processes as the potable tanks and many are actually WRAS approved. If you own or manage a small farm, orchard, vineyard or any one of a host of other agricultural uses, a large storage tank of this type would be very necessary.
In the UK, the average farmer who is using and paying for mains city water is spending about ?12000 each year!
Depending upon the requirements and application there may be different options or sizes of water tanks available. Polyethylene granules used in the construction of the tanks ensure it is strong, durable and free from corrosion. These include being able to be easily installed on a flat concrete base and re-siting of the tanks is easy. Water flow and pump control is usually managed with submersible pumps, ball valves and float devices. Our tanks are a high quality, durable solution for the permanent or temporary storage of water, for use in horticulture, agriculture, fire-fighting, fish farming etc. Ideally, they should be erected on a smooth, level, concrete base not less than 4” thick (depending on size), and 60cm (2ft) greater in diameter than the tank. The increasingly widespread use of liquid fertilisers has produced a growing demand for fertiliser mixing tanks, which allow on-site preparation of fertilisers and chemicals. These open top tanks are selected for collection systems, temporary liquid storage, or as secondary containment for vertical tanks in indoor or outdoor installations.
Our bunded tanks are available in a range of colours allowing for colour coding as to which chemical is stored as a key to easy recognition. These extra heavy duty tanks are made to suit liquid fertilizers and molasses with a specific gravity of up to 1.5.

Industrial water tanks are specially designed with a smooth interior to help resist growth of algae and bacteria and are easy to clean. Storage tanks can be installed on the surface or buried if required (normally more expensive). These industrial water tanks are specially designed with a smooth interior to help resist growth of algae and bacteria and is easy to clean.
Simply put, a bunded tank is a “tank within a tank” which helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant plastic ensures these tanks never rust and customisation of product is available on request. The range of 25 sizes from 150 Litres to 30000 Litres enables farmers to order bulk loads and store in bulk tanks being the preferred and most economical way. Our rotationally moulded range of industrial storage tanks also includes our conical bottom tanks that enable complete drainage of the liquid in the tank. It is important to consider that tanks made from materials which are not suitable for drinking water may not only taint the water and give it an unpleasant taste but may also allow chemicals in the fabric of the tank to leach into it which may compromise health.
If the water is going to be used enough (please contact us with your usage) then you should not need to worry about freezing but it does pay to try and avoid it. Tank selection therefore based on ultimate usage is an important consideration and if you require any advice on this please do not hesitate to contact us. The volume of water in most tanks would take an extremely long time to freeze especially if you are using the water on a daily basis.

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