Some of the papers that spill out of Mundo's briefcase have the heading "TPS", a reference to the "TPS reports" in Office Space. Mundo - The Madman of Zuan - League of Legends wiki - Champions, Items, Guides, and much more! Mundo is one of the five champions who use health as a primary resource for casting spells.
Mundo is the only one to have any associated cost to use his ultimate ability (20% of his current health). Mundo is a hulking mad scientist, dominating the battlefield with his quick health regeneration and endless scientific curiosity.

Mundo hurls a cleaver in the target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy it hits, capped at a minimum threshold and against minions and monsters, and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. Mundo heals for half of Infected Cleaver's cost if it hits an enemy, and for the full cost if it kills its target. Mundo sets himself on fire, dealing magic damage every half-second to nearby enemies and reducing the duration of crowd control on himself. Mundo regenerates health every second for 12 seconds and gains bonus movement speed for the duration.
Mundo's health is lower than what would be needed to sustain Burning Agony, the ability deactivates automatically.

Mundo is most dangerous when hurt, capable of attacking nearby foes with more fury the more he is damaged.

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