I am a a big fan of documentaries and with my new Netflix account I have been able to checkout a whole ton of really great ones. For my first installment I am listing the 10 Documentaries I just watched on the Netflix Canada service and think that you to might want to check out. I watched these on my Xbox360 on their Video On Demand service which costs me $8 a month.As much as I like to bitch about the limited films on Netflix Canada in comparison to the American version of Netflix if you hunt you can find some great stuff and hopefully this will help you find some Documentaries that will entertain, make you laugh, shock and move you! Initially, Kuenne made this documentary as a memorial for Andrew’s loved ones, but it morphs into an emotional legal odyssey when Turner goes free on bail and is allowed to raise her son. On Hollywood Boulevard, wannabe movie stars dress up as superheroes and pose for photos with tourists.
After watching this movie it impressed me so much I immediately started looking for other documentaries by Nick Broomfield to watch. Shocking details I have never seen before with hard facts this movie has severely altered my outlook on ‘democracy’.

A really fascinating story for fans of history but be warned its literally a camera pointed at Traudl Junge throughout the entire documentary.
Kimjongillia:I have always been fascinated by North Korea which is what encouraged me to watch this movie. It is definitely not the best documentary I have seen but if you want to have an indepth look at North Korea, the structure of the country and how the leaders of the country gained and have maintained their strangle hold its a fantastic film to watch. A fantastic documentary told primarily through home videos interlaced with new interviews and one on one interviews its a shocking look at pedophilia and a family torn apart.
This is the first documentary that if you didn’t know better you would thin it was fiction… tragic fiction at that.
Kurt Kuenne delivers a shining documentary tribute to his friend that will move you, enrage you and make you weep. Last night I finally caved and watched this quirky documentary and it was an absolute treat.

A look at the crime with such detail and depth with the key players involved you finish the documentary feeling as if the crime is solved.. Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary tells the eye-opening story of Bikini Atoll — one of the most terrifying tragedies of the nuclear age. I am a docu junkie and that one left me staring at the screen and not moving a muscle for 5 minutes after it ended.

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