A protective measure to protect electronic devices from the effects of EMP include the Faraday cage. You should be sure to insulate the electronics inside the faraday cage away from the cage itself.
I would agree with G, insulating the interior items from making contact with the cage is essential. We do have engineering to go by, and the best way to do a DIY project, is to model it after what is done in commercial products.

Velma, who has been unable to work since suffering from RSI and a compressed nerve on her spine, suffers agonising head and nerve pain, memory loss, tinnitus, ectopic heart beats, vertigo and aching joints if she goes near mobile phones, WIFI and satnav.She is forced to spend much of each day in a makeshift Faraday cage in her flat in London.
Fold the metal screen in half, length wise, and then place it around (and fold over) the lip of the garbage can.
Just remember if a solar flare produces reverse current flow up from ground to keep your faraday cages away from electrical conduit, wiring and recepticals around the home.
Faraday cages we made out of copper sheeting in college and grounded to earth couldn’t receive anything inside them.

Hoffman hmi enclosure
Snohomish emergency radio system


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