Steve Dishart and Nicholas Dungan at Corporate Communication International’s Conference on Corporate Communication. Steve Dishart and Nicholas Dungan speakers at Corporate Communication International’s Conference on Corporate Communication 2013.
Steve Dishart coaching several international start-up CEOs on pitching and communication, a session held at WeWork’s downtown Manhattan location. Steve Dishart Moderates 6th Annual Symposium Panel (Nov 1) on Sustainable Business, Non-Financial and Integrated Reporting.

Crystallee Webb Beck in the news following her 2014 Best Theoretical Paper Award at CCI’s Conference on Corporate Communication held at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, June 3-6. Since the inception of the Conference on Corporate Communication in 2001, Best Paper Awards have been presented in recognition of excellence in academic and practitioner papers.
Speaking with Randy Xiao, Executive Director and Senior Researcher, Institute of Public Relations and Strategic Communication at Tsinghua University; previously VP, DDB Beijing, an Omnicom Group Company.
CCI’s 12th annual international conference gathers speakers from industry and universities to exchange ideas and information on relevant issues facing the corporate communication profession.

Beginning in 2010, CCI has awarded presenter commendations to underscore the importance of presentation skills, particularly for communication practitioners and scholars.

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