Taking place on November 24th at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, the Utility Week Health & Safety Conference is the only health and safety event dedicated to utilities and contractors.
This one-day CPD-certified conference will provide practical solutions to create a safety culture in your workplace and raise health and safety awareness with external stakeholders. Expert speakers will offer practical solutions on how to prevent work-related illness and strategies to improve the health and safety performance of your contractors.
Planning ahead helps companies avoid permanent reputational damage in the marketplace when the worst happens -- the plane crashes killing hundreds of passengers or the medication that has been laced with poison.
We work closely with our  clients to prepare for and mitigate the effects of catastrophic events or lesser disasters.

Energy utilities must be at the top of their game when it comes to consumer strategy, collaboration and communication. For utilities, one near miss is one too many: it is essential to know what can go wrong and how to actively engage your workforce and partners to stop accidents before they happen. Our  experience in crisis management helps clients create Emergency Response Plans before disaster strikes, and we stand ready to provide counsel in the aftermath of a disaster. The 3rd annual Utility Week Health & Safety Conference will once again bring together forward-thinking health and safety professionals from UK water, gas and electricity utilities and contractors. The 2nd annual Water Industry Supplier Conference will once again bring together senior directors from UK water sector consultancies, contractors and subcontractors, equipment manufacturers and service providers of all sizes.

Taking place on November 24th at the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre, it is the only health and safety event dedicated to the utility sector. Building on the success of the last three years, WWT's 4th Annual Water Industry Technology Innovation Conference will address the role of collaborative innovation, how to balance technological advancement with risk and provide attendees with the right tools to make innovation 'business as usual'. We assist in helping victims and families while protecting our client’s reputation and legal rights.

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