International Experience RequiredPlease note that it is important that our disaster response volunteers have ample previous field experience in developing nations.
During a humanitarian emergency, the focus will be on deploying teams and supporting those communities affected by disaster. Amid this heightened awareness of the ways volunteer work contributes to society, the 1995 Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake struck Japan, resulting in over 50,000 dead or injured. According to the Japan National Council of Social Welfare, there were 124,000 volunteer organizations as of 2005 in Japan.
Many people are involved in volunteer activities, finding through them not only a way to contribute to society, but many personal rewards as well. In the dead of winter, volunteers gathered from all over Japan to help local citizens remove the oil with scoops and buckets. Teaching of Japanese-language classes for longterm residents of Japan from other countries, a service now provided in various parts of the country, is also supported by local volunteers. The volunteers whose host communities were close to Bududa we able to quickly respond to the natural disaster.
Such activities are volunteer work in a sense, but they are basically communal duties since the participants are doing them as members of their community, rather than voluntarily of their own accord. This practice has been criticized, however, for encouraging students to get involved in volunteer activities not out of good will but as a way of increasing their chances of gaining entrance to a school. The bulk of daily volunteer activities, therefore, is supported by housewives and retirees. In the 1980s, Japan participated in UN volunteer programs for the first time, and interest rose in international volunteer work. Another report (2001 Basic Research on Social Life, compiled by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) says 28.9 percent of the population have taken part in volunteer activities in the past year.

Disaster Response Medical Teams International’s humanitarian response activities are designed to provide rapid and coordinated disaster response to the most vulnerable populations during and after a humanitarian emergency.
This experience is necessary for ensuring the quality and efficiency of our response to disaster. Volunteers cooked and served food for survivors of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in January 1995.
Members of a volunteer group patrol the streets daily during the hours children are going to and returning home from school. Volunteers poured into the disaster area from all over Japan, an estimated 1.4 million during the thirteen months following the devastating tremors. Drawing from that experience, it became standard practice to set up a coordinating center immediately after a disaster in order to manage incoming volunteers. At the forum, in addition to charity events and a keynote lecture, high school students present what they have learned about the problems of the world, such as poverty, hunger, medical treatment, and global warming or what they have done as volunteer activities for solving such problems.
Recognizing the value of volunteer work, the government began issuing subsidies to volunteer centers through the social welfare councils of local municipalities. The aim of the forum is to encourage their peers and others to familiarize themselves with and take part in international volunteer activities. They served meals, organized and distributed relief goods, collected and transported trash, helped at evacuation sites, provided information to disaster victims, and gave many other forms of support, attracting much attention.
From that time on, when a volcanic eruption, earthquake, flooding from a typhoon, or other natural disaster struck, volunteers would quickly gather at the site, and their work has become an essential part of relief activities. As such, recruitment activities must be completed before a disaster occurs to qualify for deployment.
The number of volunteers has increased, not only to help out in the case of disasters, but for routine daily activities.

The entrance screening process of some high schools and universities count the amount of time given to volunteer activities as part of the criteria for evaluation.
The estimated number of people who take part in volunteer activities varies from one study to another and depending on how volunteer activities are defined. Nicole Fiol Molina from Bayamn, Puerto Rico was the first Peace Corps volunteer to arrive at the site. All Peace Corps volunteers are safe and living in communities unaffected by the mudslides.Over 1,000 Peace Corps volunteers have served in Uganda since the program was established in 1964.
With increasing interest in volunteer activities, schools began to make attempts to include them as part of school activities, and from 1998, the national guidelines for the curriculum of schools began to recommend volunteer activities. Many people who volunteer find they gain great gratification and reward from their activities.
Through the efforts of 300,000 volunteers, pollution of the sea that might have taken five years to go away was cleaned up in four months. Currently, 154 volunteers are serving in Uganda.As Peace Corps approaches its 50th anniversary, its service legacy continues to promote peace and friendship around the world with 7,671 volunteers serving in 76 host countries. According to the National Survey on Lifestyle Preferences, 2000, 65 percent of citizens are interested in volunteer activities, but the number of people who actually take part is much smaller.

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