The Points of Light Corporate Institute is the go-to resource for community-minded companies looking to build and expand effective employee volunteer programs.
HandsOn Volunteer Action Centers put people at the center of change, delivering high-impact programming in more than 200 communities worldwide. Our local VOAD is housed in the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) office at 1011 West Market Street in Athens, and although things are just starting to slow down from the April 28th tornados, VOAD is actively seeking new organizations to volunteer, and be a part of a working group that truly makes a difference. They were: the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Southern Baptist Convention, Mennonite Disaster Service, St. These principles are the modus operandi of VOAD, and are embraced prior to an event, during what is known as the “disaster cycle,” and in preparation for the next disaster.

She added, “Telling people that there were plenty of clothes for people 16-50, but not enough baby clothes.” As indelicate as this may sound, one of the things Stormy taught me is that while you can never have too many disposable baby diapers after a disaster, senior hygienic products are rarely thought of, and are greatly needed.
While we can thank God for people who both live in and will quickly mobilize to express that level of generosity, donations must be specific to the actual needs of the disaster area. Vincent de Paul Society, Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, the National Disaster Relief Office of the Roman Catholic Church, and the American Red Cross. Unsolicited donations and unmanaged volunteers create the “second disaster.” This is what happened with Camille. VOAD’s reason for being is to coordinate information for those volunteering with many relief agencies, church groups, private non-profits and individuals.

They are also involved in giving extensive training to volunteers in preparation for a disaster.

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