X-class flares are major events that can trigger radio blackouts around the world and long-lasting radiation storms in the upper atmosphere that can damage or destroy satellites. The map below displays information about the types of natural disasters prone to the different regions in the United States.
Other natural disasters include: extreme weather, electrical storms, fires, pandemics, solar storms and solar flare effects. Students from three neighboring universities have teamed up to design and build a solar-powered home that could be deployed after a natural disaster hits a town. From seasonal storms and natural disasters to hacking attacks and terrorism, we face more threats on our power grid than ever before.
The WakaWaka Power+ is another small, easy-to-carry solar kit that can slip inside just about any bug out bag or EDC kit. The Ambulatory Surgical Center must maintain a written disaster preparedness plan that provides for the emergency care of patients, staff and others in the facility in the event of fire, natural disaster, functional failure of equipment or other unexpected events or circumstances that are likely to threaten the health and safety of those in the ASC. Team Kentuckiana (University of Louisville, Ball State University, and University of Kentucky) will showcase the Phoenix House this fall at the 2013 Solar Decathlon Competition. Man-made disasters include: biological threats, chemical threats, dam failures, oil spills, chemical spills, explosions, nuclear accidents, power outages, terrorist attacks and wars.

A two-month campaign to raise funds to provide solar-powered lighting in refugee camps run by the UN has been launched by an international home-furnishings company. The 7.8 kW solar system provides all the power necessary for the home and can operate off-grid in the wake of a disaster.
Another portable solar charging option you should mention are Brunton’s solar charging products. This means, in the event of a solar storm, trade routes would remain open.Two eLoran receivers were already located in Dover and Harwich, and five have just been deployed in Thames, Humber, Middlesbrough, Firth of Forth, and Aberdeen. With man-made or natural disasters occurring unexpectedly in all corners of earth, rescue efforts would be a lot easier and more successful if portable energy sources such as solar power or wind power would become more readily available.
To answer this need, designers from the European team, CORDIS, have developed a desalinization process that utilizes solar power, is highly efficient and low cost.
Health Light is a solar light water purifier designed by Liu Yun intended to ensure the purity of floodwaters. The prefabricated Phoenix House rises from the rubble and is designed to help build more resilient communities after a natural disaster. MIT team designs solar-powered portable desalination system to use in disaster zones and remote regions.

The team joined forces in response to a common goal – helping communities recover after a natural disaster. These small portable devices are not only great for camping and hiking adventures, but when disaster strikes they can help keep devices like cell phones, small tablets, flashlights, emergency radios, ham radios, and GPS devices up and running. Sandra is also the past chairman of the Disaster Preparedness Committee of Huntington Landmark Association in Huntington Beach California.
MIT student Alfredo Moser, envisioned an alternative lighting system made of recycled plastic water bottles, functioning as solar lamps. The kit includes a Nomad 7 Solar Panel and a Guide 10 Power Pack that can charge AA and AAA batteries.

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