Life Box is an air-droppable, rapid-response emergency shelter that can be quickly inflated to provide housing for four people. Adem Onalan conceived of the Life Box as a holistic solution that can be quickly deployed after natural disasters when relief providers are unable to reach the disaster zone due to distance, weather conditions, and the destruction of roads.
The air-droppable, foldable polyethylene box houses two cardboard boxes that contain relief goods such as food, water and sleeping bags.
The right outdoor survival equipment packed in a Bug Out bag may save your life in a disaster survival situation. Check out our Basic outdoor Survival Gear List which is frequently carried by hunters and other outdoorsmen, and is perfect for your But Out bag in a disaster survival situation.
Be prepared to get away from disaster areas - if possible buy a cabin away from urban areas where survival will be easier!

The Red Dot Award-winning shelter contains supplies to provide relief to victims of natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, or earthquakes.
The links in this website will help you deal with natural disasters along with all the potential manmade disasters which are possible. A non-profit organization by the name of ShelterBox provides emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most. The outer layer of the shelter functions as a parachute during the airdrop, while the polyethylene foam interior provides insulation. Amenities include a chemical toilet, water filter, food, cookstove, heater, and sleeping space for six.The 750-pound LifeCube can be rolled to its setup site and expanded into a 144-square-foot shelter.
They deliver the essentials a family needs to survive in the immediate aftermath of a disaster.

All of the boxes provide shelter on water and land thanks to two inflatable rings around the base of the shelter. The Life Box can be set up in less than one minute, and multiple units can be combined to accommodate large families.

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