Disasters, Multiple Patients, Mass Casualities - Respond with the most complete portable and effective kit available - EMI’s Multi Trauma Response Kit ! Description:A grab-and-go emergency command kit designed to help an on-site incident commander take charge in any emergency or disaster. Read All Secure Survivor StoriesPersonal stories from survivors of major emergencies or disasters (share your own story below).
It allows the emergency response commander and team to carry out their designated responsibilities quickly and with their hands free.
This incident command kit is designed for those who are responsible to direct the on-site emergency response at any facility: office, factories, warehouses, churches, schools, etc.

Overall, the best outfitted quick-response kit form MobileAid for directing emergency response.
George O'Toole on Over 590,000 Lives Secured with Emergency Kits and Disaster Supplies!
Packed in an Over-The-Shoulder (OTS) clear-view ballistic nylon pouch, this kit includes a 42 channel 2-way radio and other critical emergency response control supplies.
The entire shoreline and access points were closed to the public last March after Grant PUD had to draw down the reservoir by 26 feet in response to a fracture discovered on the Wanapum Dam Spillway.
As estimates are refined and construction plans finalized, the operational and repair costs of the Wanapum Dam Spillway response are estimated at $69 million.

The 7204 contains enough food rations, water and other emergency supplies, such as emergency space blankets, flashlights, water-resistant radio with batteries and emergency ponchos to provide 4 people with the items needed to assist in surviving a natural or man made disaster.

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