Released the same year as "Deep Impact", this was the box office victor of the two 'asteroid headed for Earth' movies. The mother of all 'mother nature' movies, this disaster thriller stars Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt as storm chasers who get trapped in the cross-hairs of an extremely violent tornado. For that reason, movies like "Titanic" (iceberg doesn't count), "Independence Day" (aliens don't count) and "Gravity" (space debris doesn't count) didn't make the cut. If we ever have to deal with an asteroid impact of this level, I hope Morgan Freeman is giving all the speeches to the American people as we recover.#13. In the spirit of Hurricane Sandy, here’s a list of some of the most dramatic, intense, and destructive disaster films that have been released.

The film gives quakes the Hollywood treatment in this 3-D adventure that sees cities from Los Angeles to San Francisco leveled as buildings fall, the Earth splits and a massive tsunami washes over the cities.The film joins a long history of disaster films -- in particular, natural disaster films. The scary part about disaster movies is some of these scenarios are not completely far-fetched. Backdraft is one of only a handful of genuinely memorable titles focusing on the dangers of massive fires and the firefighters who try to stop them, and this movie will have you double-checking you smoke detectors before you go to sleep. In honor of this weekend's release of the thriller "Into the Storm", which centers around an onslaught of tornadoes, let's take a look back at how some other movies in the disaster genre have fared at the box office. This movie actually should have been more offensive than it was, so it also has that going for it.

The following disaster movies on this list are only the ones that deal with destruction at the hands of mother nature.
We’ve also chosen to exclude alien invasion flicks that have plenty of destruction like Independence Day and Mars Attacks!, and also transportation or vehicle centric disasters like Titanic or Apollo 13.

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