Fire Safety: Alert, Aware, Alive is available on DVD or in online training format and focuses fire safety training on the elements a fire needs to burn and how to operate a fire extinguisher.
Media Partners wishes to prevent one from interrupting operations in your workplace and our expanse of online fire safety and emergency training DVDs can help accomplish that. The Emergency Management Package provides helpful training for emergency management personnel. The Industrial Emergency Management Package contains two training films which demonstrate how small to medium size organizations can institute an effective EOC.
NIMS for EOCs DVD safety video training program teaches organizations how to organize and activate their Emergency Operations Center to mirror the National Incident Management System.

Facility Emergency Management DVD training video helps small and medium sized organizations create facility action plans and institute emergency procedures to comply with FEMA's PS-Prep initiative. NIMS: Introduction to the National Incident Management System DVD provides NIMS safety video training and teaches ICS competency protocols on a national level. HazMat Operations is a five-part DVD training video series that teaches the core competencies required for Operations Level certification. Hospital First Receiver DVD Series is a 4-module series of OSHA Hazwoper training videos designed for healthcare personnel to protect them against exposure to contaminants.
Incident Command System (ICS) for Industry DVD is a three-part training video response series demonstrating how industries can set up and implement the Incident Command System to manage and respond all types of incidents.

Limited time save $400.00 when you purchase Modules 1-4 of Professional Security Officer Series safety training videos for security guards.

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