While disasters are rare, the peculiar geography of Southwest Florida makes preparation for disasters a critical part of each vestry's responsibilities.
Our diocesan Parish Disaster Plan Policy provides guidelines and tips for readying your congregation for a potential disaster. If you would like to talk about your disaster preparedness plan and emergency planning resources, contact our Diocesan Disaster Preparedness leaders, Canon Dennis McManis and Deacon Micheal Sircy.
Countless times during a disaster situation, social media has proven to be a powerful communication tool. This guide produced by the American Red Cross contains awareness and action messages intended to help reduce the risk of injury or loss in the event of natural and manmade disasters. This sheet, with contact information for all federal, state and local governements and agencies, is a useful tool to have posted in case of disaster.

ABC7 has gathered resources and tips to make it easier for you to access preparedness information all in one place. It’s not surprising then that FEMA is encouraging Americans to utilize the power of social media to promote National Preparedness Month and help ensure citizens and communities are better prepared for disaster. They provide states and regions that are not official shakeout regions with many downloadable free resources, including; drill manuals and other planning documents, multimedia, custom flyers and website banners. The awareness messages included in the guide provide general information about the threats presented by each type of disaster; the action messages describe what people should do to prepare for and safely get through a disaster. Experts reportedly are beginning to speculate that it may become a billion-dollar disaster. Additionally, about 90 percent of all presidentially-declared disasters are weather-related.

Write your plan on an emergency contact card and store in your phone along with important numbers for emergency resources in your area.
It is unlikely that emergency response services will be able to immediately respond to everyone's needs after a major disaster, so it is important to be prepared to take care of yourself and your family. Alternatively, the American Red Cross and other companies sell pre-made supply kits of various sizes to make preparedness simple.
You can also learn what to do in response to a specific disaster.AlertSFAlertSF is a text-based notification system for San Francisco's residents and visitors.

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