A Manual on Disaster Prevention and Response for Children and Adolescents in Nicaragua, prepared with a holistic focus on the human rights of children and adolescents as the primary victims of disasters. Tokyo Metropolitan Government disaster preparedness manual features a cartoon rhino and Manga-style comics.
Spoon & Tamago points out that the manual is a collaborative effort between design firm Nosigner, ad agency Dentsu, and the Tokyo disaster prevention department.
Despite the comic touches, the manual is comprehensive, including easy-to-read instructions and clearly drawn illustrations with tips on preparedness and safety.

Tokyo X Day by Kaiji Kawaguchi is a manga comic to help drive the disaster preparedness message home.
Get an all-hazards overview designed to help you prepare, plan, and respond to an event or disaster. This month, citizens of Tokyo have been receiving a yellow-and-black disaster-preparedness manual issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. He’s very interested in disaster preparedness and finds any kind of disaster prevention action to be a piece of cake.

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