This research project investigated 30 locations in the United States that experienced natural or man-made disasters to determine best practices and future directions. Pick one out-of-state and one local friend or relative for family members to call if separated by disaster (it is often easier to call out-of-state than within the affected area). June 27 -- The Caribbean Disaster Risk Atlas, a tool to enhance decision-making to reduce the serious economic and social impacts of natural hazards in the region, was launched Monday June 25th at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Mona. Use the information you put together in your disaster plan and the supplies you organized in your disaster kits.

Keep copies of essential documents, such as identification, insurance policies, and financial records, in a secure, waterproof container, and keep with your disaster supplies kits. In the coming weeks, all other Dallas Public Library locations will have a supply of the pocket Disaster Planning Guide for free distribution.
The pocket Disaster Planning Guide provides tips, tricks and contact information to help you plan and guide you to action after an emergency or crisis has occurred.  The pocket Disaster Planning Guide and the reference Disaster Preparedness Book collection were made possible through grant funding from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine. The TsunamiReady program sets guidelines for adequate tsunami readiness, including the ability to receive and send out tsunami warnings, designation of tsunami hazard zones and evacuation routes, and outreach programs that address both natural and official warnings.

Business continuity planning (bcp) sample plan for nonprofit organizations
Long term drinking water storage
Housing for those with special needs
Disaster preparedness for emp attacks and solar storms


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